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Art by - Lady Viktoria

This Magdalene priestess training is a unique lineage of the Rose Sisterhood. On this path, you will be introduced to the inner mysteries, the teachings of the natural world as well as creating and cultivating your own personal connection to Mary Magdalene and other teachers who come to work with you. The journeys, healings and ceremonies are designed to awaken within those mystical and powerful parts of you that have lain dormant in this lifetime. This Path of the Rose will put you in direct contact with your Divine Feminine Power. You will receive initiations, light codes, healings and healing fire activations which will become part of your healing path both for yourself and for others. This training will expand your intuition, and establish a path into mediumship, channeling, healing and so much more.

Each Rose Priestess will receive direct inner contact that is unique and designed specifically for her through her connection to the Goddess and the teachings. The teachings are recorded so you may listen to them at your own convenience and in you own private space. The teachings follow the Wheel of the Year which includes eight Sabbats that will deepen your understanding and connection to the natural world and the rhythm of life.

If you feel the call of the Divine Feminine this is your time to step fully into your own power and forge the connection back to who you truly are. www.rosemoontemple.com

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